Are you looking for a particular part?

As Bongo Lovers, we understand that you come across parts on your Bongo that you just aren’t quite sure about. With over 30 years in the industry, originally importing the Bongo’s in, we have extensive knowledge of what parts are still available in the UK market.

Whether you are looking for genuine or aftermarket parts, we can help source most items for the Mazda Bongo’s. This list below is an indication of what parts are currently obsolete for Genuine Mazda. There may be second hand items available out there, or aftermarket versions, so please do let us know if there’s anything you are struggling to source.

    Mazda Parts – No longer available

    V6 Crankshaft Pulley J503-11-400A Aug 2020 No
    Power Steering Pipe S10H-32-410B Sept 2020 No
    Air Con Compressor Sept 2020 No
    Rear Spring Rubber Spacers S10H-28-012 Oct 2020 No
    Fusible Link Wire S10L-67-099 Oct 2020 (1 in stock here) Yes – click here
    O/S Rear Reinforcement Side Sill S05B-70-113B Nov 2020 No
    O/S Wheel Arch Inner SO5B-70-150A Nov 2020 No
    2ltr air hose EPC FEMJ-13-752 Nov 2020 No
    Injection Fuel Pump WL04-13-800D Feb 2021 No – click for alternative
    V6 Front Exhaust Pipe J505-40-500 Feb 2021 No – needs to be welded
    Accelerator Cable S09A-41-660B Feb 2021 No
    2l Bypass Pipe FEMJ-15-290 Feb 2021 No
    Fog Light Switch BC1M-66-4B0B March 2021 No
    Axle Bolt 99784-0216 July 2021 No
    A/C Compressor S09A-61-J10 No
    V6 Cat Converter J503-20-060A Yes – click here
    Mud Flaps Front S09A-V3-450 No
    Mud Flaps Rear S09A-V3-460 No
    Insect Screens S09A-V3-520A No
    AC Tank 6130A S09A-61-500 No
    Transmission Control Unit WLF8-18-9E1A No
    Tailgate Studs B467-68-AC3 No
    Roof Liner Studs 6800c GM09- 68-049 No
    Vacuum Pump 1375C WL01-18-G00 No
    A/C Flexi Hoses 6130A S09C-61-461A / S09C-61-462A No
    Torque Converter 1910C BV80-19-100 No
    Fuel Pump for 97 Diesel 1362C WL04-13-800D No
    Gear Change Cables (Manual) S09L-46-500B No
    Wheel Arch Trim S09A-V3-140 No
    O/S Front Sill (below driver’s door) S05B-70-271B/C No
    Rear Internal Light Cover (inside tailgate) S09A-51-441 No
    Rear Prop Shaft – 4wd P0D-25-100 No
    V6 Dipstick JE48-10-450 No
    Coil Spring Rubber S10H-28-012 No
    Crank Position Sensor JE48-18-221 September 2021 Yes – click here
    V6 Hydraulic Tappets JE26-12-100B No
    2L Alternator J503-18-300A No
    Accelerator Cable S09A-41-660B Jan 2022 No
    Washer Bottle S05B-67-481 Jan 2022 No
    Ignition Switch B01A-66-122 Jan 2022 No

    If you know of any other parts that are no longer available, please drop us a message!