If you are looking for a Mazda Bongo Service & Repair Specialist in the South East of England then you have found the right place! Here at AVA Leisure (MazdaBongo.com) we have been maintaining & servicing Mazda Bongos & Ford Fredas since they first came to the UK. Looking after Mazda Bongo & Ford Freda owners in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London and the Home Counties, we are the main South East Mazda Bongo Service Repair Specialist Centre. With over 12 Years experience in both servicing and supplying parts for Mazda Bongos & Ford Fredas, you can rest assured your Bongo is in good hands.

Mazda Bongos & Ford Fredas have some areas which, if left unattended, may cause serious problems later in life. You can avoid paying unnecessary bills associated with overheating or engine replacements by simply having a specialist Health Check carried out. This is just one service we offer. We will inspect your Bongo and give you a full assessment and report on what to expect over the next year or two of ownership. This really could save you money. With expert knowledge and an honest opinion we’re here to help.

From a simple service of your Mazda Bongo to replacing a Bongo timing belt or, if need be, a full engine replacement – we have it all covered by people who really know how the Bongo ticks. We can also carry out repairs to the Mazda Bongo electric roof. If your Auto free top is damaged or broken we have plenty of experience in replacing complete roof systems or just carrying out a basic service to the elevating roof system. This can help prevent the roof motors from burning out.

Mazda Bongo Fuel System: The diesel injection systems on early Mazda Bongos & Ford Fredas are getting older and are prone to leaking seals on the diesel pump or general gumming up inside the pump. In every service we use a special fuel additive to help prolong the life of your diesel pump and clear fuel gum and residue. We also sell the very same Mazda Bongo Diesel Injection Cleaner direct to you through our web site.

Mazda Bongo LPG Conversions: We also undertake LPG conversions on both 2.0 Litre Petrol and 2.5 Litre V6 Petrol Mazda Bongos & Ford Fredas. With an LPG conversion you really will experience a major reduction in running costs with the cost equivalent of over 50 miles to the gallon. It makes a Mazda Bongo not only a excellent MPV & Camper, but also a cost effective solution to today’s energy efficient lifestyle.

With our specialist knowledge & diligent working practices, you can be sure your Mazda Bongo or Ford Freda will be well cared for.

Our workshop hourly rate is currently a very reasonable £59.50 per hour + VAT.

All workshop bookings should be made through our main contact number 01234 480808. Please have your vehicle registration number and chassis number handy as this will speed up your booking.

Our workshops are located in Dormansland in Surrey, approximately 15 miles due East of Gatwick Airport. Of course, if you are flying from Gatwick on holiday and want your Mazda Bongo serviced whilst you are away, we are in a prime position for you to leave your vehicle with us for the week and collect it upon your return. Why pay for Gatwick Airport Parking when the same money could go towards your next service!