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New Fiamma Awning Adapter Brackets (Fits AFT Only)


**Please note the brackets are currently out of stock, awaiting on an ETA**

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Mazda Bongo &Ford Freda Fiamma F45 Awning Adapter Brackets NEW!

ALL models fitted with the “Auto Free Top” electric elevating roof. From 1995 through to the very last Bongos around 2004-05. (These will NOT fit flat top Bongos with NO lifting roof or vehicles that have had a high roof conversion).

Manufactured from solid stainless steel to avoid all corrosion. Fits where the “D” brackets are on the roof!

These are designed specifically to fit the Fiamma F45 awning standard flat plates, being approx 1.5mm thick and made from stainless steel, they are very sturdy.

These brackets will fit in the three places where the “D” hoops are found on all Bongos. These hoops are seen on the passenger side of the roof when the elevating roof is up. They are stainless steel and held down with 2 x 10mm bolts each.

Our awning brackets are shaped to fit perfectly in these three positions. They match the curve of the roof, line up with the holes for these “D” hoops and come down to sit gently on the gutter without any weight being placed on it.

To fit them, simply remove the “D” Brackets, apply some strong silicone on the back of the bracket (please clean the roof thoroughly) then gently press the bracket into position. Replace the “D” bracket over the awning bracket and replace the bolts, tightening loosely.

The brackets have two further holes at the bottom just above the gutter. Drill two pilot holes (3.5mm) and tighten down the stainless steel self tapping screws provided. Then tighten the “D” hoop bolts fully. You can now attach the Fiamma flat plates and continue with the normal Fiamma fitting. Simple stuff!

Please ensure that you have a good, continuous bead of silicone all around the back of the bracket as this will stop water from getting behind it.

Supplied with a 12 month warranty.

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2.0 Litre Petrol, 2.5 Turbo Diesel, 2.5 V6 Litre Petrol


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