Mazda Bongo Rear Heater Set O/S – All Models

All models

12 month failure warranty, subject to installation in line with manufacturer’s guidelines.


Mazda Bongo Rear Heater Long Metal Pipe- O/S – All Models – 1995 onwards – CO0063

This pipe connects the front heater matrix to the rear heater matrix, and is part of the heater flow & return circuit. It also has a ?T? branch at the rear end which connects to a hose going up to the drivers side of the engine. It is located on the drivers side of the vehicle running along the chassis rail.

Mazda Bongo Front Heater Lower Hose – All Models – CO0040

This hose goes from the lower outlet of the front heater & connects to the driver side long metal pipe that feeds the rear heater. It makes up part of the heater flow & return circuit.

Mazda Bongo Rear Heater Hose – O/S – All Models – CO0024

Rear heater hose linking the small bore heater pipe running on the drivers side chassis to the rear heater matrix. 17mm internal bore. As this hose is partly exposed under the vehicle, it is prone to deterioration.