Mazda Bongo Friendee & Ford Freda. Rear Heater Matrix Metal Coolant Pipe (short).

2.5 Turbo Diesel-(WL-T)-Chassis(SGL3,SGL3F,SGL5,SGL5F,SGLW)
2.0 Litre Petrol-(FE)-Chassis(SGEW,SG3E)
2.5 Litre V6 Petrol-(J5)-Chassis(SG5W)

This metal pipe runs across the vehicle above the gearbox, linking the flow and return of the front and rear heater systems. It is located next to the air conditioning metal pipes that feed the rear A/C unit. At one end it is connected to the passenger side long metal heater flow & return pipe, the other end connects to the rear heater. Both connections are via hoses.

Ext. diameter Ca. 18mm

There are 2 rubber hoses that go either end of this pipe. the CO0039 connects to the Y branch of the pipe and the CO0023 connects to the other end of the pipe.

Genuine Mazda Part.

12 month failure warranty, subject to installation in line with manufacturer’s guidelines.