Mazda Bongo Friendee & Ford Freda set of 4 small coolant hose clips 17-25mm.

All small hose sets & all models of Mazda Bongos. WL-T engine. SGL3, SGL5 and SGLW models. 2 & 4 wheel drive.

Containing 4 x 17-25mm small clips.
Front heater hoses (PAIR)
Rear heater hoses (PAIR)

This set of 4 strong jubilee hose clips will fit all our small hose sets.It is advisable to use jubilee clips rather than the original spring clips when fitting new hoses to the old metal coolant pipes.

12 months warranty subject to installation in line with manufacturer’s guidelines.

Always have a good look at the metal water pipes when inspecting the coolant system. They are prone to corrosion & perforation. If you see any rust or loose material (paint) where the hose fits over the pipe, it is worth cleaning these and applying a coat of paint or corrosion inhibitor, before fitting the new hose to prevent further corrosion.