There are many questions surrounding the new introduction of E10 fuel. So here is the advice from the Bongomaster himself, Ian Maynard:

  • E10 fuel was rolled out on 1st September
  • E10 is gradually replacing the E5 fuel, to reduce emissions
  • E5 will remain available, but may be more expensive
  • If you have a 2L petrol Bongo, manufactured in 2002 or after you have nothing to worry about
    • chassis numbers later than SGEW-503208 – SGE3-4000091
  • If you have an older 2L or V6 petrol, there is a possibility that E10 fuel may cause long term engine damage as it is more corrosive
  • To be on the safe side, use E5 fuel where you can
  • If forced to use E10 – top it up with an additive, which you can purchase from Bongoland: buy here
    • You will need to us 77.5ml per full tank of petrol