Mazda Bongo Friendee & Ford Freda Radiator & Cooling System Flush.

2.5 Turbo Diesel – (WL-T) – Chassis (SGL3, SGL3F, SGL5, SGL5F, SGLW)
2.0 Litre Petrol – (FE) – Chassis (SGEW, SG3E)
2.5 Litre V6 Petrol – (J5) – Chassis (SG5W)

Clears blocked water channels which cause overheating.
Removes Rust & sludge.
Clears water channels.
Safe with rubber hoses.
Safe with all metals.

Ideal for cleaning out the cooling system on your Bongo! As we all know, the cooling system does need to be looked after to avoid expensive failures & serious overheating problems. If you’re changing a radiator or cooling hoses this is worth adding to your list of jobs. Added to the cooling system it will help loosen sludge & rust from the inside of the cooling system. Helping to keep the water-ways inside the engine, radiator & hoses clear.

Please take care bleeding your coolant system, air locks can cause your Bongo to overheat.